Day 9: Movin’ on up

40 miles
Black Canyon Campground: $10

Thanks to a scouting mission the previous night, and a short chat with the friendly hosts at Black Canyon Campground, I decided head out early to catch a spot there as folks were packing up.

But first I had to make my way back out of Holy Ghost down a newly rain-soaked road. I followed a hard-sided pop-up that looked like it was going to disassemble in front of my eyes. Especially here:

As I was leaving, I imagined the inside of the Airstream looking like this:

But it was no worse for wear (even the fridge door)

At 10am, a few sites at Black Canyon Campground were opening up, and I made myself at home.

The campground is dazzling, winding up the mountainside, with terraced sites. Newly renovated. Spotless pit toilets with motion-sending lights. Fire pits worthy of a DIY segment on HGTV. Level paved sites. Easy water access. And most importantly, very friendly campground hosts (Chris and his wife). I think I’ll stay awhile…

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