Day 10: Santa Fe Opera

I awoke at 6 and went for a hike on the Black Canyon loop, which begins just a few steps from my campsite.


And the view from the top is worth it, especially as the sun rose.




After my hike I brought my friend, and fellow bass player, Miles up to the campsite for breakfast, and he then took me on a fabulous tour of Santa Fe Opera. To give you an idea of what an amazing place this is, this is the view from the parking lot (no fancy filters applied – it’s just that beautiful): 

…and here it is.

 The facility is amazing. This is the view from the “cheap seats”.

 The inner workings are almost as impressive as the front of house. 

 Even the practice rooms are beautiful, with” fun size” grand pianos. 

Miles even showed me his paver, hidden by plantings 🙂

 Another memorable spot in Santa Fe. Tonight I go to the “Salome” dress rehearsal, and tomorrow is a spa afternoon at Ten Thousand Waves.

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