Day 11: Spa Day

Today, I invited two friends from back home over for breakfast at the campsite at Black Canyon campground. I hadn’t used the generator very much up to now, but I was happy to have it to make a larger batch of coffee with my electric coffee maker, and some toast. What a luxury.
With my 120 Watts of solar working so well on the trailer in the desert sun, I still wonder if bringing the generator was a good idea. Perhaps on the rainy Oregon coast, I’ll be glad I have it.

They brought croissants and madeleines from a French bakery in Santa Fe called Clafoutis. My main course was the bacon I found tucked away in a dark corner of Sprouts Farmers Market, as if they’re ashamed to sell such a delicious meat product in the natural food store. Also, be sure to bring your own bags. You get a quiet raised eyebrow and a $.10 charge per paper sack if you forget. 

Afterwards we walked up the loop trail to look for mushrooms to pick.   

      It had rained so much the last week or two, that the season was much advanced, and we saw mushrooms that usually come out weeks later. I had told my friend and about a plate-sized mushroom I had seen on my hike the previous day, and we hoped it might be an edible variety. It was not, but we found a few others. My friend is fairly knowledgeable about these things, but even she took them on to an expert later in the day to determine which ones were really edible. And please don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal to pick mushrooms within a state forest.  

Later in the day, I scheduled a few hours at a highly-recommended spa called the Ten Thousand Waves. it’s a sprawling facility only 4 miles from the campground at the top of a hill, “90 steps” and “47 calories” up from its parking lot (there’s also a shuttle). I didn’t take any photos past the reception area. It just seemed creepy to be walking around blissful relaxed people wearing white spa robes snapping pictures. 

I was saving so much camping versus a hotel, I figured I would spend some of the savings  on treating myself to a great massage. I ended up getting a package with an hour in the hot tub, an 80-minute massage, and my first ever facial. I invited a good friend to share the hot tub with me and we enjoyed going from the hot water to the cold bath, in a private outdoor setting. I then had a fabulous 80 minute Thai massage with Nathan. Then, on to my first ever facial. I told Sofia that she should probably start with a course grit belt sander, but she insisted upon using their exotic exfoliating scrubs.   

 I left completely relaxed. Before I walked 90 steps down the hill, I paused to watch a bunch of colorful hummingbirds around a feeder. 

Tomorrow I pick up my brother from the Albuquerque airport, and the adventure continues.

3 thoughts on “Day 11: Spa Day

  1. Great picture of Anne and Gary. I’ve been to Sprouts in Grand Junction. They didn’t even offer the ten cent bag. I wound up leaving with my blue corn tortillas in a free box.

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