Day 13: Colorado

300 miles 18mpg South Mineral Campground: $19 Another early start, hoping to get to Silverton via 84 to 160 to 550. A lot a varied terrain. Red dessert, to alpine wonderland, with the smell of white-hot brakes and coolant (from other cars).  Via Chimney Rock National Monument    Then, things got interesting. First, Coal Bank Pass.     With such beauty, is it really necessary to bash our president?   Anyway, moving on.   I’ll just let the pictures tell the tale.     After trying Little Molas Lake campground, we ended up in the most stunning campground I have ever seen: South Mineral Campground           More photos in a day or two. I think I’ll have a lot. And dinner in Silverton at the Hungry Moose, on an unpaved street just off the main drag.      More to come. We’re spending three nights here. My jaw is perpetually dropped.

2 thoughts on “Day 13: Colorado

  1. Yay!! You are in the San Juans, my favorite mountains. I love the pictures. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more. Silverton is a lot of fun.

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