Day 17: Arches NP

220 miles
Big Bend Campground: $15

I’m really glad I filled up with water at the campsite in Colorado, because despite the brown swollen rivers, spigots around here are few and far between. 

But isn’t it beautiful?

Left Marble, CO in the rain. Lots of rain.

Stopped in Palisades, CO at Clark Family Orchards for peaches, but the rain prevented a more in depth tour of Grand Junction.

Utah beckoned with sunnier skies. 

And even wider vistas. 

Soon, we were nearing Moab. 

Decided to camp here, near Arches NP, at Big Bend Campground. Yeah, it’s hot, but by the time we return for dinner, it’ll cool down. 

We unhooked, and left to explore Arches NP. I camped in Capitol Reef NP in 2012, but Arches is a whole ‘nother level. 


The stormy skies didn’t hurt, either.

2 thoughts on “Day 17: Arches NP

  1. Best Arches pictures I’ve ever seen, Dan. Sorry the Grand Junction weather wasn’t more accommodating, but I’m glad you got Palisade peaches. Enjoy the cool Utah air tonight, and the stars.

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