Day 19: Back to the mothership

760 miles
Airstream HQ, Jackson Center, OH: $0 (this time, it’s in for service)

Awoke at the Junction City Walmart to a beautiful Kansas sunrise. “Attention shoppers: Camping is not always glamping”.

Here is my expert use of twine and bungee cords for the 1,500-mile trip. 

Very sophisticated. Right?

Warning: If you’re taking I-70 through Illinois be aware that virtually every bridge is being replaced, and they are down to one lane, or they take you to an off-ramp thru-way. Good for them. Pennsylvania needs a similar overhaul.

But, we made it to the mothership intact. The worst part of these 12-hour driving days was losing an hour crossing a time zone each day…  

In two days, we left this:


To be in Ohio:


Tomorrow, I leave “Apollo 19” in expert hands, and continue to Maryland to drop off Tim, then home to Delaware.

3 thoughts on “Day 19: Back to the mothership

  1. A sad but safe, early almost-end of your July cross country trip. We’re glad your Apollo will be expertly repaired there.
    Has Tim signed up to do it again with you next summer? Take care –
    Mom & Dad

  2. I have so enjoyed following your travels. Thanks for the incredible photos and great blogging. Sorry to see your journey end this way this year. I really look forward to your future travels. Be safe and post when Apollo is repaired. Good decision to go back to the Mothership.

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