Day 20: Game Over

590 miles
Home (Delaware): $0 

Arrived at Airstream in Jackson Center, OH after sunset last night and got one of the last sites in the Terraport Since I need to leave the trailer for a least a month, everything must get unpacked and put in the car: food, towels, clothes, Huggy Pillow…  As I said in an my blog post from my trip here nearly three weeks ago. the Terraport overlooks the waiting room to the Airstream hospital.  It’s a chamber of horrors full of your worst travel nightmares. Click on the spooky link below and take a little tour with me.

Ow. Owie. Ow. So much hail. Ow. Ouchie. These two were on the same. Trailer. So sad. But apparently, Airstream is going to make it all better,

Some injuries are so heinous, they cover them in plastic. Looks like an Eddie Bauer edition was rear-ended..

In comparison, I feel silly bringing my damage here. But I do have a “Bugs of Kansas” collage to contribute to the horror show. Also suitable for a county fair.

So, I bid farewell to “Appllo 19”, leaving her in capable hands. She’ll wait in line here until late August. 

Meanwhile, without 4,000 pounds missing behind the Touareg, 590 miles go by at 33.3mpg, and I still have a quarter tank when I get home.  Maybe this has something to do with it. 

And Tim has his final “Big Mc” (v. Big Mac) sandwich* of this trip. 

*Our name for Tim’s patented triple-decker PB&J

Next post: A summary of the trip, numbers, and things I learned.

3 thoughts on “Day 20: Game Over

  1. Sorry your adventure has come to a premature end. Thanks for sharing the fabulous photographs and stories. Glad you both are all right. Probably have some increased lung capacity after your days at high altitude. May Apollo 19 be better than new. Who knows. Maybe you could rent it out for the Pope’s visit.

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