Day 7: on the seventh day you shall “rest”

After an adventurous day of trailer-jacking, tire-fixing, laundry, marketing, and a hike, I’d just like today to be easy. I awoke early to take a photo.

While the photos I share in this blog make the trailer look like a solitary island in the sky. Alone in the wilderness. Sometimes that is an illusion.

Free camping on BLM land is a double-edged sword. Anyone can camp here. There are no official spots. The spot we have is near the water, and has access to the lake. Throughout the weekend, we’ve had beer-drinking revelers and fisherman come and go. Some pee in the water and throw down their trash. Sometimes it irks me, but these lands belong to all of us, and we choose to enjoy them in different ways. I like to quietly watch in awe

I never crop my photos, but I do frame them very carefully, or least use the trailer, or other objects, to block things that would distract from a good shot.


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What you don’t see in this shot, is the Chevy Blazer that camped out in front of us, sometimes with a half-dozen other vehicles to fish and blare music all day. It was then left there all night. This:

What I prefer to focus on is this, taken moments later, from a different angle, and carefully framed.

I dropped Tim off for an “epic” hike, and I headed down the road to the Popo Agie Falls trail – a hike more my speed. 1.5 miles up and back to the falls on a brisk morning.

What a beautiful hike. Well-marked trail, gradual climb. Views of the rivers (and its sounds). It’s hard to choose which shots to share.

I saw folks using these falls as a natural water-slide – and the water is so cold.

The last two shots has the camera precariously perched on rock outcroppings 100+ feet over the river. Can you find the camera in this photo?

It’s worth the extra effort to get to the top of the falls, as you can see.


At the bottom, I saw this sign:

Wish I had seen this first. I was barely alert, walking silently & alone, w/o bear spray. The only thing I did right was not running.

Later today, I’ll pick up an exhausted Tim up at the trail-head (14 miles of hiking for him today). Tomorrow, we’ll head out. Perhaps to the Yellowstone, or Grand Teton area an route to Boise, ID. There’s a lot to see in the USA.

One thought on “Day 7: on the seventh day you shall “rest”

  1. Just returned from the Tetons last month on my maiden voyage. I am a newbie and went glamping in my still vintage (minimally updated)1968 Land Yacht Tradewind. But anything in the Tetons is amazing. Not a fan of West Yellowstone, but loved the spots beyond on the way to Big Sky/Bozeman along the Gallatin River. Some great spots to fish and stay and fewer humans.
    Last week they got snow on the Teton Pass. Go the long way thru the Grand Teton Yellowstone Park. So many great things to see. Wildlife. Space. Leave early or go later.

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