Day 8: BLM to NP

160 miles
16 mpg
Colter Bay Campground, Grand Teton National Park: $25

Quick post at the gas station, where I get two bars of Verizon LTE.

It was our last night at Frye Lake, so must make the most of it. The campground was nearly deserted.

The drive down the hill from Frye Lake was beautiful at 7 am.

Fun Fact: today, we crossed the continental divide 7 times. Once before Grand Tetons, then 3 times in, 3 times back from Old Faithful in Yellowstone.

And here we are, in the middle of summer, with no reservations, at one of the walk-in sites at GTN park. Arrived around noon. Everything in Yellowstone was full by mid-morning. The contrast from BLM campground to a popular national park in the height of its season is amazing…

More photos to come when I have a signal.

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