Day 18: Devils Tower

575 miles

16 mpg

$15: Devils Tower National Monument 

Twenty episodes of the old radio show “Have Gun, Will Travel“, and here I am at Devils Tower. My fifth (?) national park on this trip. The annual pass has paid for itself.

Before I left, I got up at midnight to admire the Montana sky, and the clearest Milky Way I’ve seen yet on this trip.

Here’s the 360

Rather than take I-90 the whole way, I veered off on lonely 212 on this 100 degree day, wondering if it might be too hot to take that risk. I’m glad I did, since I took the first shot in this post on my way. Sometimes, you just need to realize when you should stop the car, get out, and take a shot when the light is magic.

It’s going to be 96 here tomorrow, so I might not stay a full day. But for now, here I am in view of the tower.

The Campground host recommended camping under trees, since it would be “hit as $&#%” here tomorrow.

Had a nice thunderstorm.

Here’s some Close Encouters disco for your listening enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “Day 18: Devils Tower

  1. Wonderful, Dan. More amazing photograohs and experiences. Remember –it’s a DRY heat! Lots of rain and humidity here, so take your time getting back. Enjoy your spectacular views and the beautiful West.

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