Day 18 (pt. 2): Sundown

I had a great evening at Devils Tower (see day 18). After I wrote yesterday’s post, this happened.

And this.

What’s not to like about this park? Shady campground with clean bathrooms. Medium-difficulty hiking trails accessible from said campground.

And an informative and musical program steps away. I learned about Wyoming history and pride from a very engaging and talented couple: “Buffalo Bill Boycott” and “Dr. Jo”

The 50 campers who attended were treated to skilled banjo, mandolin, guitar, singing, and yodeling under the starlight. And we learned about Lewis & Clark (along with York and  Sacagawea), Colter, cowgirls, the railroad – it had it all.

Then, of course, I wandered into the prairie dog field to take some night shots.

Look familiar?

I waited and waited.

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