Spring Cleaning

I know. It’s been a while.

My grand summer 2017 trip was derailed by a job offer I could not pass up. This summer, I have a 10k+ mile trip in the works. So, it’s time to dust off the blog.

To get myself warmed up for a summer of travels, I’m taking a pre-Memorial Day trip down the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I’ve been at Mt. Pisgah the laser few days. And as I write this blog, my view is currently this…

..it hasn’t been like this too much.

But, considering my view the day before I left was this:

…anything would be an improvement.

I started out Monday from Delaware, taking my favorite non-I-95 route south (301) to Annapolis. I timed it to miss beltway traffic, and headed for Mile #1 of the parkway, near Charlottesville, VA.

Soon, I was in paradise.

Hoping to get a ways down the road, I passed on Otter Creek (altho it looked beautiful), and spent the first night at Peaks of Otter. The natural beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains are undeniable, but the campground has seen better days. It looks like some improvements are in progress, but the roads and sites are in dire need of paving (and regrading). At least they’re reasonably-priced: $20/night at all Parkway campgrounds.

Bring your levelers. Lots of them. I never thought I’d need these Anderson levelers, but they came in very handy.

I headed out very early Tuesday morning for a “second breakfast” at the Mabry Mill Restaurant, near this landmark.

Virginia and North Carolina smell amazing. As you go up and down in elevation this time of year, you’re certain to find something to tickle your senses, and allergies. Everything is in bloom, so bring the Claritin.

My next campsite was at Linville Falls, after a 28-mile, unmarked detour through Boone and Linville, NC (the Parkway is closed for repairs in that stretch). It’s early in the season, so it seems like I have the road, and campgrounds, all to myself.

My goal was to get to Mt. Pisgah before the Memorial Day crowds set in. Did I mention I had the road all to myself?

The route to Mt. Pisgah was the roughest on the engine and transmission, so I took it slow. But what a reward.

And the view from t Mt. Pisgah Inn, across the street, cannot be beat.

I think I’ll stay awhile (or “a wall”, as they say here). There are great bluegrass radio stations, I have a good book, and the restaurant’s just up the road. See you at work Tuesday.

The blog dry spell is over.

10 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. This is just wonderful. Could I run this, as is complete and total, as as article? This is great!! Maybe not the continuations, but maybe some of those too. It just says, Airstream travels all over to heck. Glenn Michael

    1. But there are many times I miss that t@b. I remember towing it down the blue ridge parkway, top-down, in my Saab Convertible. The definition of carefree.

      1. Our r-pod, Luciel, thar replaced our t@b dies well, and we have room enough to stand and sleep, but the t@b was sure fun! Luciel is big enough to take the geandkids aling, or if it’s just us, to have a table and a bed that aren’t one and the same.

        Does your trip this summer bring you to Oregon?

  2. 5/25/18 Friday 12:35 p.m. PDT

    Beautiful scenery and no crowds – if only that would hold for your July/August trip.

    Stay safe –


    Mom & Dad


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