Final Countdown

“Apollo 23” is on the launch-pad, and nearly ready for lift-off. Wednesday begins a 2-month journey from Delaware to Alaska, down the West coast, and back. I’ve made a rough outline of the first half of the journey.

It looks something like this:

Am I ready? Well, I’m trying.

Have you ever wondered how I pack my trailer?

If “no”, check back in a few days for a cheery travel post.

If “yes”, feed you OCD by reading on.

I’m not really a list-maker, so a lot of casual prep has gone into equipping the trailer, my pantry, and tow vehicle for this ~12,000-mile journey.

For instance, yesterday, I took everything out of the Airstream’s back trunk. You will never see it this clean again.

I laid everything out on the grass, organized, and cleaned everything. Do I need this ‘n that? Could I need this ‘n that? Here’s what goes back there:

    • 2 25-foot fresh water hoses (tip: screw the ends together to prevent contamination in transit)
    • Shore power cable
    • Shore power cable extension
    • 30-15 Amp power adapter
    • Stabilizer Jack crank
    • Tongue jack manual crank arm
    • 4 leveling blocks
    • Sewer hose “slunky”
    • Lithium grease
    • Tow mirrors (in case the back-up camera fails)
    • RV in-line water filter
    • “Water Bandit” (fits over non-threaded water spigots to fill water tank. I also have a 4-way silcock key in the trailer)
    • Random assortment of spring clamps
    • Bag ‘O Miscellaneous Stuff: plastic stakes and shovel, etc
  • See – isn’t this fun?

    My pantry is nearly stocked, three boxes deep. Boggle and Scrabble are also tucked in there.

    One unusual item I bought for this trip, was a (very) compact washing machine. I have spent so much time in laundry-mats on these trips. What if I could do wash in the trailer? Without rolls of quarters? Without the smell of cigarettes and dryer sheets? So $100 on Amazon later…

    It’s smaller than it looks (~23 pounds). Will it pay for itself? Perhaps.

    It washes and spins a small load, using 8-9 gallons. It easily fits in the bathroom (aka, the “Interior Illusions Lounge”).

    I fill it with the shower (with hot water, if needed).

    As a test, I did a load of 6 shirts, and 5 pairs of underwear “off the grid”: solar/battery power, and on-board water tank.

    It came out dry enough that just a few hours hung in various places in the trailer had everything dry.

    Almost ready.

    8 thoughts on “Final Countdown

    1. Thanks for enlightening us about your preparations, Dan. The washing machine is a brilliant addition. Best wishes for a memorable trip!

    2. I think I still don’t believe you’re really doing this – alone. I may not relax until you pull into the driveway in August.
      Wishing you a safe and happy, wonderful, memorable dream trip.
      All our love, Mom & Dad

      1. Short list off the top of my head: Tongue-and-groove pliers, screwdriver w/multiple bits, multimeter (the one you gave me), lots and lots of fuses, misc. screws, bolts & latches, spare switches, pop rivet gun, cordless drill w/bits, magnetic retriever, Velcro, duct tape, lithium grease spray, graphite dry spray, lock de-icer, bubble level, heat gun thermometer, rope, bungees, metal wire. And on and on, and on…

    3. I hope you don’t have to use the “sewer hose slunky”. I have no idea what that is and I hope I never have to learn. BUT, with Boggle and Dunkin Donuts coffee, looks like you are good to go! This is so exciting!

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