Day 2, pt.2: RV/MH Hall of Fame

Growing up camping and backpacking, I loved trailers. Tent, hard-sided, 5th wheel, motor home. Having the comforts of home in the wild was a wondrous thing.

So when I stumbled across the RV/MH Hall of Fame a few years back, I knew it was a place I’d need to visit. And revisit. The architecture and vibe have a faint Holy Land Experience vibe. But then again, this is a monument to the “gods” of the RV world.

Here are some more shots of yesterday’s visit.

Walking into the main exhibition room makes it clear this is no usual museum. It’s comprehensive. Like you’re in a huge diorama.

Sometimes the Airstream Bambi can just be too small. Apparently ten feet is too small. Wally Byam (AS founder) made one as a possible European model, and decided not to make any more. Today, 16-feet Bambi’s are the “sweet spot”.

This from the 1930s!

Although built in 1988, the Star Streak II was based on the chassis and engine from a mid-70s GM. Built low enough to fit in a standard garage.

Sometimes bigger is better.

Ask Lucy and Desi about The Long Long Trailer. But don’t mention the phrase “trailer brakes”. Desi has a thing about it.

And my absolute favorite – the GMC motorhome.

Seeing these on the road in the 1970s was like glimpsing the future. A future that never really happened. The windows, the smooth lines, front wheel drive.

Is that a roof deck?

So much glass. Bringing the outside in.

It was even used as the OSI’s Mobile Field Unit when transporting Prime-Minister Salka Pal-Mir for his heart transplant in the Bionic Man. I had to look I up the details, but yes – I remember crazy stuff like this.

Worth a stop and the $12 admission.

4 thoughts on “Day 2, pt.2: RV/MH Hall of Fame

  1. Now I would like to use both these RV/MH Hall of Fame reports in the next issue. Fantastic!!!
    There’s one of those GMC motor homes across the street from where I live. The owner, actually it was inherited from his father, was working on restoring some. It does run, but I don’t think currently safe or all systems functioning.

  2. Did any Yellowstones make it into the museum? Fondly remembering the 16’ one we pulled behind our wood-paneled Ford Country Squire wagon in the ’70s. Lots of good outdoor adventures, because we towed a bit of indoors with us.

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