Day 3: Tools, county fairs, and an old friend

0 Miles
NA mpg
Yellowstone Lake State Park, Blanchardville, WI

I’m warning you, water tank metal strap – I’m not messin’ around.

The stainless bolts I got yesterday did not work in the missing bolt’s hole. Apparently it’s stripped. So, on to plan B: Get a new self-tapping bolt one size larger. Two more trips to Ace Hardware, and voila:

Hoping it lasts at least another 11,000 miles… And if not, I bought spare bolts.

So, on to happier topics today. A friend from conservatory visited me – I hadn’t seen her in person for years. She rode up on her motorcycle “Tiger”.

photo credit: Sandy Swanson

After a late brunch, she did me the honor of installing the Wisconsin sticker on my map of the US. It’s thanks to her that I made this little detour.

You may notice that she has great hands. She is, in fact, The Most Interesting Hand Model in the World.

Then, we were off to the Lafayette County Fair, in Darlington, WI. This is the best kind of fair: small, and filled with people proud of their good work. Well, that, and fried cheese curds.

Let the judging begin.

I also love the crafts section. Here are some highlights.

I’m sure this has some significance, but to me it looks like a plate of half-chewed food. Maybe it had been in the shape of Lafayette county. Or more likely, someone making some really good scrambled eggs.

And then, there’s this black cowboy hat.

Constructed out of duct tape. And my MacGyver day in Wisconsin comes full circle.

Tomorrow, on to the House on the Rock.

4 thoughts on “Day 3: Tools, county fairs, and an old friend

  1. Yay! So great to see you. Love that pic of the chicken, quite lovely. But that plate of …eggs…? :O :O :O Still do not get it. Ah, county fairs…. ❤

  2. OMG, the crafts. The duct tape hat-love it! I think maybe that other stuff is petrified gnocchi. Glad all your parts are strapped on for the long haul now! Ace is the Place!

  3. Saaaaaaandy! Who else could make a state sticker placement so fabulous? Wish I were there with you two!

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