Day 8: Worth the wait

336 miles
15 mpg
$6: Buffalo Gap Campground, Sentinel Butte, North Dakota

Today started out like the last two: waiting. This was my view for much of the morning.

But then my drone arrived, I continued on my way West, and things got better. Much better. Especially when I came upon Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

I had hoped to get a few more miles in today, but this was too tempting to pass up. Judging by how empty the rest stop was, I went to the national park gate, thinking at 4pm I could waltz into a walk-up camp-site.

Wrong. So wrong. All full. So, I made a U-turn.

But the next exit West had Buffalo Gap Campground (part of the USDA Forrest Service – who knew?)

I dunno – was this camp-site worth $6?

I know I’m in the wrong state, but I half-expected to see Carrie Ingalls stumble down the grassy hill.

And since I now had my drone. And I confirmed that it was legal to fly in a USDA National Forrest. And there was no one around to bother. I made one flight. Just one.

As I was landing, a car pulled into the camp spot across the road, and I decided to let them enjoy this unspoiled grassland without the sound (albeit whisper quiet) of my drone. Of course, as I’m writing this, someone just started a loud generator…

Tomorrow, it’s on to Canada via Sweet Grass, Montana. I better eat my grapefruit, bacon, eggs, and open cheeses. I guess I’ll have breakfast for dinner tonight. No more vodka in the freezer. Two cans of bear spray to declare. Does a half can SPAM count as meat?

11 thoughts on “Day 8: Worth the wait

  1. Drone flight was phenomenal. And I loved the soundtrack. Yes, a half can of SPAM count as meat. Awesome wide-open spaces, especially for only $6.

  2. Wow. The drone cam is amazing! So glad it finally arrived. I am lovin this trip so far. I hope they don’t confiscate your Spam at the border. I mean, it’s not really food…

  3. That drone footage is awesome? (Is it still footage if it’s digital?)
    You’re probably already across, but I just declared what I had and they let me take it.

  4. I stayed there a few yrs ago. Beautiful place but if you go hiking Def put on spray and check yourself for ticks. I had 10 latched to me when I finally noticed em!

  5. Thanks for sharing your adventure! I’m looking at drones and would appreciate info on yours. The video appears really clear.
    Thank you,

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