Day 10: Vistas

350 miles
16 mpg
$75.14 ($22.92 camping + $55.22 annual park pass): Two Jack Main Campground, Banff, Alberta, Canada

You know you’re going to have a good day when it starts with the world’s largest teepee.

Wanna see a 360 shot of the inside? I thought so. Click here.

I’m a little low on data and bars of cell service here at the campground, but suffice to say, I made it to Banff.

But first, I passed fields and fields of canola, blooming in bright yellow.

But then Banff…

The annual park pass will pay for itself this month as I pass in and out of Canada’s beautiful national parks.

The lakeside campground was full, but I squeezed my camper into the narrowest site I’ve ever seen. Beggars can’t be choosers.

And after a hike to the day-use area at Two Jack Lake, was greeted by some amazing views.

Here’s a 360.

Tomorrow – on to Lake Louise.

(Please pardon any spelling or formatting mistakes. I wrote this on my iPhone, in bright sunshine , next to the lake with 2 bars of service…)

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