Day 15: Chances

400 miles
15 mpg
$0: Top Secret Campground between Teslin, YT and Watson Lake, BC

As I’ve said on these trips before, taking a chance usually pays off.

Sure, I could camp at a KOA or Good Sam on this trip. And I will, when I need WiFi, laundry, and full hook-ups. But I try to stay away from commercial/private campgrounds, instead looking a quiet natural setting.

Isn’t that why we get a self-contained camper? To both escape the trappings of civilization and seek nature we can’t otherwise access? My sleep apnea means my backpacking days are probably over, but I can tow this 23’ trailer almost anywhere. And sometimes I do.

I use the Allstays app on my trips. It lays out the gamut of campgrounds, with their price, websites, location, notes, reviews, etc. I saw one ahead that looked intriguing, and took a chance.

I turned onto a narrow, rocky, dirt road, with no real signs for a campground. No place to turn around if there was a gate at the end.

Out of respect for the locals I met at this 4-site campground outside of Teslin, straddling B.C. and the Yukon Territory, I won’t give its name.

But there was one spot left, and here’s my view.

Two other campers were walking by as I set up, and seemed surprised to see me (or anyone). “How’d you find this? You from Teslin?” “No, uh. Delaware.” This location was so obscure, the turn-off is not even listed in the giant Milepost Alaska travel planner. And it lists everything. The lake wasn’t visible on my car’s GPS.

Today’s section of the Alaskan Highway had some rough patches (although all paved), and the 400 miles were not kind to the trailer.

I’ve been waiting for this to come loose. Luckily, I now know it snaps back on.

I know this camper has led a life well-lived now that the main divider post broke out of its track. That happened on my first Airstream, after a year or two. A sign of good travels.

I snap the TV back together at most rest-stops, and give the six flimsy screws holding in the microwave a twist. I’ve heard tell of folks finding theirs on the floor. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

I awoke the next next morning to this, and a new camping neighbor. Danny Patridge all gown up?

8 thoughts on “Day 15: Chances

  1. How is it the Airstream (does it have a name??) always looks immaculate? Where is all your stuff? Are you afraid of creatures and/or bad guys when you find these hidden gems to park yourself at night? I AM. I’ve got that angst covered, so just carry on, no worries. I’m scared for you. Watch out for anybody who looks like Kevin Bacon or John C. Reilly. BUT it’s certainly beautiful. Loved this morning’s drone shot!

      1. Well, that’s good to know. Have you seen any creatures bigger than a breadbox? Apollo 23 – excellent!!

  2. It looks gorgeous! Maybe bungee cords or something similar would help keep the rattling and breaking of things to a minimum?

  3. I don’t understand how an Airstream, the top of the line in trailers, can self-destruct so much. Are you sure yours was made in USA?
    Hope your remaining 8000 miles are damage free. Take care – stay safe.

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