Day 16

362 miles
15 mpg
$0: Donjek River Bridge, Yukon

Although today was mostly about driving, there were a few rewards.

Takhini Hot Springs was a great stop, since I missed the Liard River Hot Springs earlier in the drive (I missed the stop, and there’s no place to turn around for miles, and miles, and miles…). What a treat.

They have hot, and hotter, pools. Great view and staff. And all for just CA$12.50. There were only a few people there, and doing the back-float in the hot water helped melt away the stress of driving so many miles.

But I did stop in Haines Junction for a little custard.

At this point in the drive, the mountains are even more impressive. Thankfully, the drive is relatively flat.

I stopped at the bottom end fo Kluane Lake for some drone fun.

(If you;re wondering, the background music track is “The Flying Nun” theme…)

I probably drove too long, but finally stopped along the Alaska Highway, at the Donjek River Bridge. Just a few fire-pits. No one else around. I backed into a secluded site, just out of view of the road, and enjoyed this panoramic view. My Billy Goat Gruff moment.

I’ll try to fix the jerkiness of this video later, but I had some more drone fun at the campsite.

The sun didn’t set until after 10pm. At midnight, I poked my head out the door, and it was still dusk, although the moon was rising.

On to Fairbanks today. The road seems to be getting worse.

4 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. I think you’ll cross into Alaska near Tok where we stayed the night. From there the next morning Dad was ambulanced to Fairbanks (205 miles?). Thank heavens there is/was a small medical clinic in tiny Tok with a real doctor who diagnosed Dad’s pain as pancreatitis & sent him on his way with the volunteer EMTs. (If an ambulance passes you, don’t try to keep up – they go 80! I followed Dad’s for a few miles at that speed and then realized they’d take good care of him until I got to the hospital – I made it 20 minutes later.) The hospital is beautiful and BIG – Dad was there a week.
    Take care – stay safe.
    Love, Mom & Dad

  2. These wide-panorama drone videos are beautiful, and I mean that!… But…

    Let’s see a nice close up of the bug collection that I’m sure is amassing on the grill… šŸ˜‰

  3. Beautiful, Dan. Your photographs, videos and blog are quite the talk of the Delaware Valley musical community.

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