Day 17: Alaska!

370 miles
16.5 mpg
$20: Chena Lake Recreation Area, North Pole, Alaska

I awoke (at 4:45) to this.

I started the day, as usual, with a gas fill-up. I’ve seen more vintage pumps on this trip than we see on the east coast. Brings back memories of the 1970s.

And at long last, I was in Alaska!

“A lesson of peace to all nations”. Ahem. Erected during the Reagan era, even.

I had the friendliest border crossing ever at the Tok entry point.

There was no one behind me, so after the formalities, we talked about Volkswagens (he had owned a Rabbit for years) and the Dalton Highway.

You may have noticed it’s a bit hazy. That’s because for the first 30 miles, it seemed as if Alaska was on fire. The smoke was pretty intense. I suspect it was from the Taixtsalda Hill Fire.

Tok has some nice gas stations, and a few places to wash your rig. Free with a fill-up.

I power-washed all but the front of the car. Stay tuned. We’ve broken ground on the BuzzBee Memorial Bugatorium and Research Center. Stay tuned for more info, and naming opportunities.

No drone flights today (I tried). It seems every inch of the Alaskan Highway within Alaska is within 5 miles of an airport, or a no-fly zone.

But look at the warning light that just came on. Only 2,000 miles since the last one.

Within 100 miles, it was down to a 500-mile range. Needless to say, I added a few gallons of DEF at the campsite tonight. I also added a quart of oil.

I can’t see it from here, but in honor of my proximity to Russia, I made a special drink.

A White Russian. In my South of the Border souvenir cup.

Tomorrow – on to the Arctic Circle, with a detour to Santa Claus House in North Pole, AK. Watch those hands, Santa.

4 thoughts on “Day 17: Alaska!

  1. Laughed out loud about the Bugatorium. I think another picture with Santa is in order. Thank you again for taking us along on your incredible trip.

  2. May the destination be as full of good stories and amazing sites as the journey was! Thanks for taking us cybertravelers along with you. We’ll stop asking, “Are we there yet?” for a couple days.

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