Day 21 & 22

25 miles
17 mpg
$91.71 (2 night total): Riverview RV Park, North Pole, Alaska

You know I like a clean trailer, so after the brief drive from the state campground just north of here, this is how I started my day in Fairbanks.

It was cathartic. Then, I headed to Home Depot. As I entered, all the employees were lined up. It wasn’t for me. 😦 Turns out, they were waiting for the president of Home Depot. Sound off!

RIverview RV Park is not the type of park I usually camp in, but having full hook-ups, bathrooms, and laundry (for sheets, and big stuff) was worth the extra money. Especially since Glenn arrives today.

Super friendly staff, quiet guests, clean bathrooms. And the cutest laundromat ever.

Another reason I chose a full hook-up (electric/water/sewer) was to work on my chronic black tank issue. Ever since I bought this trailer over 3 years ago, it’s had a leak. I bring it in to be fixed in the Fall, and they can’t replicate it. And it gets winterized, so nothing can be done until Spring (of course, it leaks RV antifreeze all winter). I bring it in again, and they say they did something. Still leaks. Then, this spring, my fresh water tank cracks, and they replace it. At that time, I have them add tank heater pads to fresh, black, and gray. No mention of the leak.

First time out. Slow drip.

It been so bad and ongoing, when we made a gingerbread trailer after Christmas (thank you, Mindy), we included a leak at the rear. As in real life.

I had intended on boon-docking a lot on this a lot, so fixing this would be great. I flushed the tank a few times, filled it again, and looked again for where the leak might be.

There’s the slightest drip around the sensor. Not sure where exactly. So, let’s tape it up and see what happens.

So far, so good. I’ll give a real test (*ahem*) later. It’s been frustrating dealing with this same problem for so long. This isn’t a permanent solution, but if that’s where the leak is, I’ll ask Colonial to replace those sections.

I was inspired to make a little video. The music might be copyrighted, so I won’t keep this up for long…

Tomorrow – on to Denali with Glenn. The weather is turning cloudy, but hoping to get a few breaks when we’re down there.

7 thoughts on “Day 21 & 22

  1. The bathroom video was brilliant, Dan! Amy said she thought you should write a book, but I also think you have a career as a filmmaker. Love the laundromat. And the Home Depot greeting

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