Day 23: Denali

141 miles
15.5 mpg
$25.68: Denali Outdoor Center, Healy, Alaska

It’s always best to start the day right with a little coffee from a caboose.

There were no spots available within the Riley Creek campground in Denali, but they recommended Denali Outdoor Center ten miles back up the road. $12 per person, per night, no hook-ups, but flush toilets and hot showers. And the view ain’t shabby, neither.

In fact, let’s use the drone (since we’re not in a national park now) to pan back and see the whole picture.

From here, we went back to Denali to see the sled-dogs.

On the bus from the visitor center to the dogs, we were surrounded by Paula Dean look- and sound-alikes. One of them (more sound-, than look-alike), and her husband, thought the races needed to be spiced up with a little Jack Daniels. Shhh – it’s our little secret.

I guess it was 4pm: happy hour at the race track.

Glenn’s technique is much better than mine.

5 thoughts on “Day 23: Denali

  1. Looks like a couple of novice “mushers” to me…with one of them looking for his sled dogs in the distance. 🙂 The vistas continue to be spectacular, especially from the drone.

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