Day 24

0 miles
$25.68: Denali Outdoor Center, Otter Lake, Alaska

We spent most of the day getting our bearings in Denali. We started with an easy hike on the Horseshoe Lake Trail near the entrance.

It also takes you along the rushing Nenana River. Lots of views of the local hotels along the main road.

At the Visitor Center, we stumbled upon Ranger Tyler prepping a tour group on the dangers of various park animals. We decided to join, and we’re glad we did. It ended up being a 2.5 hour jaunt around the park, with lots of insight and food for thought from Ranger Tyler’s ten years at the park.

He took us to the site of the originals entrance road (and sign) to the 101-year-old park.

It’s now very wooded. You’d never recognize the spot if he had not pointed it out – it’s not marked.

We decided to stay an extra night, and take the 8-hour Eielson Visitor Center Bus Loop (the green bus) tomorrow. Glenn really wants to see Denali (the peak) and this will get us much further into the park. Cars are only allowed along the first 25 miles of road. It’s also a nice way to hedge our bets, since the forecast is for rain.

3 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. Dan and Glenn, Howdy from Winlock. Hope you two are enjoying touring.
    Dan! It looks to me that your barber missed and important part of the job.
    It won’t be long and Glenn won’t be able to recognize you.

  2. At last, a photo of a man in a red jacket/(shirt). Thanks for making the trip documentation fill the traditional requirements, Glenn! Have fun exploring together.

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