Day 25: Six Million Acres

0 miles
$25.68: Denali Outdoor Center, Otter Lake, Alaska

One last night at Otter Lake. Beautiful spot, and we saw nature more up close here than we did all day within Denali.

Last night, I heard some munching, and saw this guy, just 30 feet away.

We took the 9am Eielson Visitor Center Shuttle. An eight-hour school-bus ride, round trip. We had a great driver/host who stopped dozens of times for sightings or bear, owls, caribou, moose, etc. Without a great zoom, it was hard to photograph, but binoculars worked well.

See the tiny white tail in the middle of this photo? That’s as good as an iPhone could do the whole day.

And Denali (the mountain itself) was a no-show on this foggy, drizzly day. It’s thataway. Somewhere. As seen from the visitor center.

The best view I got was actually the contour map inside.

I was amazed our driver could spot wildlife and keep the bus on the guardrail-less road.

It’s a beautiful park, even on a grey day.

Tomorrow – on to Wasilla! Hoping for some roadside views of Denali along the way.

4 thoughts on “Day 25: Six Million Acres

  1. Dad and I never saw the mountain either – it was totally fogged in that September day we were there 10 years ago. We did the drive from Fairbanks the morning after he was released from the hospital in hopes of seeing it but even the Visitor Center had closed the day before for the end of the season – such timing! So we headed home for a follow-up appointment with an Olympia gastroenterologist.
    Glad you had such a good driver/guide today and Ranger T yesterday.
    Stay safe –
    Mom & Dad

  2. Looks like it was a perfect Alaska day, with the exception of not being able to see the peak. Loved the moose video! Is Wasilla Sarah Palin’s hometown?

  3. MOOSE!! Love the moose! I’m having a wonderful time on OUR trip. You are doing an amazing job keeping us up to date. Thanks! Keep ’em coming!

  4. Tell Glenn to be careful when he goes outside the trailer. Bullwinkle will jump anything that moves when he is in rut.

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