Day 26 and 27

200 miles
16 mpg
$0: Moochdocking in Wasilla, Alaska

While the weather has not been great, the company more than makes up for it. Three of these five cousins live in Alaska, and helped us see, and eat, our way through this corner of the state.

On our way, we had a great burger and shake at Millers in Houston, AK.

Then we saw three out of the eight cousins in this 1970n picture for a fish fry.

Here we are, Thanksgiving of 1971 (me and my oldest cousin, Deanna).

As the First Lady of Wasilla, I asked her to install my hard-earned Alaska sticker.

In lieu of squinting at a glacier thru the drizzly fog, we did the next best thing:

Kenai Glacier Martinis
2 oz Hypnotiq
1 oz vodka
1 oz pineapple juice

Shake with crushed ice.

The next day, Bob took us up to Hatcher Pass.

I think I get why they’ve lived up here so long. Well, except for the whole winter part.

3 thoughts on “Day 26 and 27

  1. Ok, that pink crocheted vest gave me horrible flashbacks. LOVE the shake and burger joint. And the cocktails… Great pictures AGAIN!

  2. Vest brought back some memories for me, too. More wonderful pictures. I especially enjoyed the one of baby Dan with his cousin.

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