Day 36

340 miles
16 mpg
$0: French Creek Campground, Cassiar Highway, BC, Canada

I left Skagway, early, but not before I took one more shot (the previous night).

(And the river did not overflow its banks)

The drive over White Pass on the Yukon Highway may be one of my favorite on this trip so far.

I followed the train on the opposite side of the valley, keeping just ahead of it.

I re-worked yesterday’s video a bit.

The drive goes from sea level to 3,292 feet in elevation in just over 14 miles. There are lots of pull-offs to view the train tracks and waterfalls.

After the pass, you enter a misty magical world. This train stop is just past US customs.

And the trees get smaller. Dwarfed by the subalpine climate. It’s as though the world becomes an HO scale train set, but with giant trains, people, and cars.

This photo doesn’t do it justice, but everything was glistening from a light rain, and the tiny white flowers looked like they would fluoresce under a black light. Like a Thomas Kinkade winter scene.

And 320 miles later, I pulled into another amazing, free, roadside campground.

3 thoughts on “Day 36

  1. I grew up watching Petticoat Junction, so I really enjoyed the new version of the video. And the stunning photographs. Wow!

  2. Scenery up three doesn’t disappoint. Nifty to see the train traversing, too. I really enjoyed train travel when I was up there and this is an added plus. Did you use the drone to get those great sequences?

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