Day 37: Where there’s smoke…

420 miles
16.5 mpg
$0: Kitwanga Municipal Campground, Kitimat-Stikine, BC, Canada

Early in my day, I saw this, and it set the tone for the rest of the day.

From a distance, I had thought it was a group of campsites with morning campfires. I was wrong. I’m told they’re going to let this burn, since there are no towns nearby.

I had a respite from the smoke in “Jade City“. Honestly, it was the big “free coffee” sign that drew me in, but I was charmed by the shop, and jade-cutting and polishing tools outside.

But, this was my view for much of the day.

A province-wide state of emergency has just been declared. And not a moment too soon.

Telegraph, BC (to our West) has been recently evacuated. There was a sign at the Iskut gas station (about 80km from the fire, as the crow flies) asking evacuees to check in with authorities. A mother and her two small children had dust masks on, and the sun was nearly blocked by the smoke.

I’m safely camped in Kitwanga, but I keep thinking about the folks in the fires’ paths. I’m really hoping for some rain. Soon.

3 thoughts on “Day 37: Where there’s smoke…

  1. Have your vehicles collected ash? Last fall in Southern Calif., near fires, a white rental car we were using was covered in grey flecks. The sun and sky become eerie. A small lesson that only hints at what people in other regions face, planting a seed of empathy to add to sympathy.

    Prayers for safety and recovery to those affected.

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