Day 38: …there’s fire.

500 miles
16 mpg
$13.78: Lac La Hache Provincial Park Campground, Caribou, BC

I considered leaving a blank, foggy page as my blog post. Or writing in white print that you’d need to highlight to read.

500 miles today. And at best, they all looked like this.

Kitwanga Municipal Campground, at 8 am, was the last time I saw a yellow sun, or a blue sky. From then on, it got smokier and smokier.

I thought I could power through it, and eventually I’d end up past the smoke.

300 miles in at a pullout:

That’s not a sepia-tone filter.

I listened to CBC radio all day with coverage of the fires that surrounded me. 60,000 hectares of fire.

My other motivation for driving past the fire was to allow evacuees and fire personnel to use the roads and services. I don’t need to be clogging the arteries.

After 500 miles and 11 hours of driving, I finally pulled into a provincial park. Still smoky.

When I paid for the site, I asked the ranger how far South I’d need to go to get out of the smoke.

She said, “California”.

4 thoughts on “Day 38: …there’s fire.

  1. You might have to go to Mexico…! But thankfully our fires are finally getting better containment percentages, so “come on down”! Stay safe.

  2. The ranger was right – we’ve had the same air and smoke hazy skies for a week – the winds from the north are driving it.
    Stay safe –
    Mom & Dad

  3. Awful smoke. And on your birthday! Here’s hoping there are sunny skies ahead with more incredible mountain vistas.

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