Day 39 and 40

500 miles
16.5 mpg
$0: Mom & Dad’s front yard, Winlock, WA

I’m sure B.C. is lovely. Really. But I had to drive over 1,400 miles in 3 days to get away from the smoke. I wanted to get out of the way of the folks who needed to evacuate and fight fires. It was hard to breathe.

And since Smokey wouldn’t allow candles on my birthday cake…

…I kept driving. 500 more miles.

I wish I could overlay this map over the previous one.

My sixth border crossing on this trip (so far) was at the US Port of Entry at Sumas. The digital road sign said it had the shortest wait (20 minutes), and was the shortest route.

On this sixth crossing, I was flagged for a full search. So, they took my passport, I pulled over to the side, went inside, and handed over the keys to my trailer and car.

While waiting, I gave more thought to my “no” answer to meats when I realized I had two frozen chicken breasts in the freezer (they didn’t really care). Oh, and I guess I have a few prescription medications (with labels with my name).

Fifteen nervous minutes later, they emerged empty-handed. On you way, sir.

I was relieved to be back in the world of gallons, miles, and dollars. It felt good.

And there was blue sky again. Less smoke.

Did you know there’s a lot more Washington North of Seattle? It took me an hour or two to pass Seattle and Tacoma, and a few more to meet mom and dad at – the Applebee’s in Chehalis.

I woke up to a sunrise, blue sky, and much less smoke.

5 thoughts on “Day 39 and 40

  1. Happy birthday!
    Border crossings are always nerve wracking – for me, at least. I just crossed from Fort Erie, Ontario to Buffalo, NY this afternoon. Waiting in the non-moving lines was bad enough, but I started getting concerned that they might send me to secondary inspection, and I couldn’t see any spot that would accommodate an RV. Luckily, after peering in all my windows, and a few questions, he let me go through.

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