Day 41 and 42: Bugatorium

Over the course of the past 8,000 miles or so, my Volkswagen Touareg has become a sort of bug mausoleum. To honor the insects who gave their lives in the service of this trip, I bring you, the BuzzBee Memorial Bugatorium.

As you may know, BuzzBee was the mascot for Honey Nut Cheerios from 1979-2017. In 2017, he was removed from box covers under the guise of bringing awareness to the plight of the dwindling bee population. He’s back on boxes, but sources have confirmed that he died of a “prescription drug” overdose. General Mills has been using archival footage to keep up the illusion that he is still with us.

Visitors to the BuzzBee Memorial Bugatorium are greeted by an exquisite mosaic of insects, inviting you into this comfortable sanctuary for reflection.

Loved ones are ushered into the open-air “Transmission Cooler Sacred Trust”

These single capacity and multi-capacity wall crypts finished in rich aluminum and PVC plastic provide wonderful views of the open road.

Gentle afternoon breezes whisper along the property’s perimeter, guarded by the magnificent corporate Volkswagen insignia, originally by Ferdinand Porsch, which the artist felt was his most life-like creation.

The grill offers comforting shade that is perfect for peaceful meditation.

In addition, the “Fog Lights of Remembrance Columbarium” provide a tranquil setting for quiet reflection.

A memorial property is a space intended as a final resting place. At the BuzzBee Memorial Bugatorium, we believe that a memorial property also provides a special place for your family to visit again and again. Our annual candle-lit 10,000-mile Service ceremonies help people remember and honor their lost loved ones.

We realize you have many choices when it come to you beloved insect’s interment. We hope you will consider celebrating life and its meaningful memories here, at the BuzzBee Memorial Bugatorium.

6 thoughts on “Day 41 and 42: Bugatorium

  1. Years ago driving in the hinterlands of Canada with family I recall the squishing of hundreds of bugs on the windshield. It really scared me, I thought we were going to be eaten alive when we got out of the car. Stay safe out there, Dan!

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