Day 43 thru 47: Plinko

350 miles, roundtrip
16 mpg
$30 ($15/night x 2): South Beach Campground, Olympic National Park, Washington
$0: moochdocking at mom & dad’s, Winlock, WA

So, where were we? Last we chatted, I was camping in my parents’ yard. But somebody, please check my math.

Mid-week, I threw myself at the mercy of the Olympic National Park’s South Beach Campground’s Plinko board. Click on this video as you’re reading, for the right mood.

I was luckier that “$0 Christine”.

I found one one the last sites. The sign said “full”, but don’t be afraid to pull in, look at the board for empty sites (who could renew by 11am), and ask them if they might be leaving today. Be bold. If you can’t get past your shyness, head for the KOA.

It was cloudy and smoky most of the time, but we did manage one Tatooine Sunset.

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