Day 48 and 49: A jetty for your thoughts

172 miles
16.5 mpg
$64.66 (2 nights: $24 x 2 + tax + concession fee) Barview Jetty County Campground

Barview Jetty Campground is a huge campground, but at the “jetty day use” end, there are 11 “dry” sites (no elec/water/sewer). Directly overlooking the inlet. Last night, I was the only camper on the jetty (the blue dot).

At dusk, the day-use folks left, and I was alone. Alone to hear the surf, fog horn, buoy bells (?), and gulls. Looking out, I could see the red and green channel markers blink, and the light at the end of the jetty.

I had intended to just use this as a launching point to get closer to the mid-coast, but I ended up staying two days. It cleared up. And I took out my drone.

Maybe I’ll have another sunrise like this tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Day 48 and 49: A jetty for your thoughts

    1. Yes. In fact, I’m now at that top-secret favorite mid-coast campground. Walked into site 25 – Oceanside, with a view. I’m very lucky. I’m glad they still have non-reservable sites.

  1. What’s your evening power source at a utility-free site? Trying to picture what kind of glow Apollo 23 has off-grid after sunset.

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