Day 63: The loneliest road

397 miles
16.5 mpg
$15: Great Basin National Park, Upper Lehman Creek Campground, Nevada

We had a lot of miles to cover today, so I didn’t take many photos.

Driving U.S. 50 “The Loneliest Road” is always a treat. But things have changed since I first drove it in the summer of 1993. My radio no longer searches aimlessly for stations, finding none. And I had cell signal almost the whole length.

It’s probably more civilized than when my grandparents drove it on their honeymoon in 1935. No cattle crossing the road for “branding time”, anyway.

But it’s still lonely.

And at nearly the easternmost point in Nevada, we camped at Great Basin National Park. With the help of my nephew, I crammed my 23-foot trailer into one of the last spots in Upper Lehman Creek Campground.

Two inches from the boulder at the back end of the campground.

And the car at a 45-degree angle, just barely off the campground loop road. Up a hill. All wheels chocked within an inch of their life. I leveled it as best I could, but the scrambled eggs still slid to one end of the pan.

We were getting up early, anyway. For a tour of Lehman Caves. We didn’t have reservations, but if you line up at 8am, we were told that you can often find a spot or two.

3 thoughts on “Day 63: The loneliest road

  1. We love this park and congratulations on getting to Upper Lehman. We wimped out and choose Lower Lehman and were happy to be there listening to the Creek right out our window.

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