And on the 70th day…

550 miles
$0: Home, Sweet home.

I left Jackson Center at 7am, knowing that Hurricane Florence was on my heels.

Exactly in line with my route. I only had to stop once due to extreme rain. My set-up handles wind fine, so I wasn’t too affected.

And after a long, long day, I arrived home.

My next post will take a lot of math calculations. I’ll break down the cost of gas, campgrounds, miles, repairs, etc… My mom (the math major) has been awaiting this post with bated breath, so I want to to be sure my figures are correct.

In a nutshell, the trip was 14,000 miles. That’s the distance to China and back (if there were a road) . Whew.

Ten weeks, although I feel like I had 20 trips in one.

Even today, two months later, little things will jog my memory back to a snippet of the trip I had forgotten. Some little place, or camping neighbor. When I look back through my blog, especially the photos and videos, I get a tear in my eye.

Was I really there? Could a place that beautiful be real? Yes, I was. Yes, it can.

There’s a lot more to unpack than my trailer.

3 thoughts on “And on the 70th day…

  1. Well, it was wonderful to finish the final chapter and remember all the fun places we visited with you! That last photo was impressive. See you soon!

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