Day 68 and 69: Corn, blah blah blah, corn

Day 68
540 miles
$32.10: Little Bear Campground, West Liberty, IA

Day 69
450 miles
$0: Airstream Factory Terraport, Jackson Center, OH

Grand total: 990 miles

I’ve allotted an ambitious three days to travel the final 1,400 miles to Delaware. No time to stop. Drive ’til I drop. Dusk to dawn. Trying to avoid toll roads, within reason.

After a long day’s drive, I finally stopped in West Liberty, Iowa at Little Bear Campground. It was hot. They have 30-amp service. I ran the AC all night. Sadly, the pool had just closed.

And I always like to stop at the Mothership Jackson Center, OH. To see the Airstreams being built.

It was a beautiful night to see the triage area, where damaged airstreams await their day at the hospital.

And you always see something unusual. First, someone else had my idea to add vista view windows to a small trailer (windows up high). The only other one I’ve ever seen. And they were on both sides – even in the bathroom. They also added a porthole window in the door. Nice touch.

Then, I saw a rare motor home.

That’s a lot to handle. Wow.

Almost home…

One thought on “Day 68 and 69: Corn, blah blah blah, corn

  1. 11/2/18
    We love seeing the last Tabadabadoos of your epic 2018 summer trip – almost home! Thank you again for sharing your adventure with spectacular pictures and appropriate commentary.
    Love, Mom & Dad

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