Day 67: Not all days can be lucky

320 miles
$0: Cambridge City RV Park (Cambridge, NE)

Not all days can be lucky.

Sometimes you think you’ve latched the fridge, and heard the oh-so-important “click” indicating it’s fully closed.

But sometimes, you really haven’t. Eggs. Sourdough starter. A broken fridge shelf.

My bad.

I guess those flat roads were rougher than I thought.

And didn’t I know the day would come when the shower head would break off?

Yeah, yeah. Let’s just get home in one piece, and deal with it all then.

Another long day of driving. Avoiding Interstate 80 by taking highway 34 had many advantages. Did you know there are a number of free RV parks, owned and operated by cities?

Not all are what you might hope.

Late in the day, I stopped in Holbrook, Nebraska at my first free city RV park. I appreciate that they have one, but I now know that some people really abuse the privilege. Folks were obviously living there full-time. 5th-wheel trailers with 20-year-old rusted sub-compacts parked next to them (they didn’t use them to tow it there…). Satellite dishes with grass growing around them. They were not spending just one night… Folks milling about the public bathrooms/showers with a creepy vibe.

Maybe I was too tired to see past that, or in a better light, but I drove on.

Happily, Cambridge, NE had a park that seemed more on the up and up.

I’ll take it. I’m tired, and I have a lot of miles to go,

2 thoughts on “Day 67: Not all days can be lucky

  1. People should know he tried to pass that unrefrigerated spilled milk on me when he got home, like “it should be fine”….

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