Florida: Winter Deniers Unite

I grew up in California. I love the sun. I hate the cold. Growing up in a valley East of San Francisco, even if it was cold in the morning, it would usually warm up by afternoon. Wearing a coat in the morning just meant lugging it around all day when the temps rose.

So this winter, despite living in the blustery northeast, I am determined to ignore winter. I am not a climate change denier, I am a winter denier.

To keep up the illusion of warmth, I’ve cobbled together a fair amount of performing work in Florida, joining the residents and snowbirds as much as possible. The same folks who declared a weather emergency last week, when temps dipped below 60.

So, far I have not winterized the trailer. But that isn’t to say I haven’t prepared for this. Last Spring, I had tank heaters added to my fresh, grey, and black water tanks. I added insulation to the closets, and the floor beneath the front dinette. And insulated black-out shades for the upper windows, vents, and skylight. As an extra precaution, I installed two pipe heaters (grey & black pipes), wrapped in insulation, wired into the dump-valve light. Here’s that installation while it was in progress. It looks better now Dad, I promise.

And when I left Philadelphia, the day after Thanksgiving, it was 18 degrees.

Later that day, at the North/South Carolina border, it was closer to 50.

The next day, at Anastasia State Park, I used the AC.

And here at Hobe Sound, folks are in for the long haul. Spots are getting harder and harder to get at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. People have made very permanent-looking hook-ups, dump-hoses lovingly cradled in gutter-piping.

Not me – just let me angle the trailer for the best view. I’ll use my extension cord, and fresh-water hose extension.

So, at least for 10 days, I can play concerts down here, ignoring the Northern cold. Knowing I’ll need to return and play 4 weeks of Nutcracker in the bowels of Philadelphia’s Academy of Music, under the stage.

But for now, as part of the touring concerts, there’s this – in Key West.

With this view out my window.

Driving back, I took advantage of the few areas between airport no-drone zones to make a flight or two. First, my favorite coffee shop deserves a melodramatic movie score (“Key Largo”).

Next, Bahia Honda bridge. We were playing Dvorak’s “New World Symphony”, so I thought “Goin’ Home” would be a good soundtrack.

And for an unexpected treat, long-time blog follower/commenter Greg Blue reached out to offer a quick service and tutorial for my Zip Dee awnings while en route to my concert in Boca Raton. He has a long history with Airstream, and is an Zip Dee rep – you may have met him at Alumapalooza. Thank you, Greg!

Today I play my last concert of the set, and head back to a December of Tchaikovsky in Philly. But I’ll be back in January and February for more concerts, and more winter denial. By then, Spring will be just around the corner.

I might winterize the trailer for the 6-weeks between trips. Or maybe just blow through lots of propane…

I haven’t figured out the perfect balance of expense vs. income for this Florida free-lancing experiment, but I’m getting there.

2 thoughts on “Florida: Winter Deniers Unite

  1. Oh, those blue skies! Looking out the huge windows at the grey skies here at the airport where I greet people returning from beautiful weather, I am truly envious!

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