Taking Stock: Lessons from Lucy

It’s me again. I know, I know – it’s been a while. And I have some winter trips to write up. But as my concert seasons wraps up, I’m thinking more about my annual summer trip. And preparing the trailer for it.

No epic Alaska adventure this year, but my loosely-planned ~8,000-mile clockwise jaunt around the US and Canada is not insignificant.

A few days enjoying Beacon Hill’s “quiet camping for adults” is the perfect opportunity to take stock of what I’ll need (and not need) for the trip.

First, I cleaned out the rear trunk (under the bed, in my 23D model Airstream)

Over the course of the 14,000-mile Alaska trip, and many others, a lot of dust and dirt comes in through the rear seal. I’m guessing there’s some negative air pressure in the trailer at highway speed, since it seems to be sucked in. But now, all clean.

I decided I didn’t really need the extra 30 Amp extension cord. I’ve only used it once or twice, and it probably weighs 10lbs.

And I have a myriad of wheel chocks and levelers. Do I need them all?

I like my Anderson Levelers, but they weigh a lot, and are a little difficult to use with my dual-axle set-up (are the wheels on a 23D closer together than on the larger trailers?). Also not thrilled about how the Anderson family treated Arches National Park.

Then, I have my tried-and-true orange Lynx Levelers. I’be had them for years, and they feed the LEGO-loving child in me.

Since I’ve had a dual-axle trailer, I’ve really enjoyed the security of Fastway ONEstep wheel chocks. Kinda heavy, but so secure.

Then, for some reason, I still have a double set of cheap Camco Wheel chocks, used on every trailer since my first tent trailer. They’re light, and they work.

Do I really need them all?

One item I decided not bring was my “Slunky” Drain Hose Support. I’m never in one place long enough to fill a drain tank. I’ll keep it for when I’m full-timing in an RV park in Florida.

But, I DO want to come up with new lyrics to the original Slinky jingle that incorporates dump tank references. Please help.

I also had an extra “Kill-A-Watt”. Why did I have two in the trailer? Who knows. I do find it useful for knowing how much power various trailer items use, checking outlets, and parasitic draws.

For those of who haven’t yet bailed on this trailer-geek post, there’s more! Next, I took a long hard look at my tools and repair supplies. Scattered throughout the trailer. Perhaps I could save some weight and space there.

Do I need them all? Turns out – yes.

Fuses, bolts, nuts, washers, and light bulbs of all sizes. Pliers, screwdrivers, rivet gun (thanks, Dad!), heat gun, Velcro (2 types), plumbers tape, “Stretch-A Seal”, stove grommets, rubber bumpers, and those little rubber things you screw onto the sharp ends of the screws in the window-frames (Why, Airstream? Why?). Multi-tool, screen spline roller, rubber gloves, flashlights, lithium grease, …

Spare switches for the power tongue jack. Extra hinges. Extra main door hinge pins.

Charging cables, HDMI cable, more charging cables.

And I can’t leave home without the multimeter dad gave me.

It might seem like overkill, but each one of those tools and parts is there because at some point, I’ve needed it. I’m only a few steps away from being able to smelt the metal to make myself a new trailer – I’m confident the 900-Watt microwave could do it.

And finally, my vacuum. I finally found the perfect trailer vacuum. Beater brush for the carpet. Doubles as a car-vac. Bagless. Small enough to run on the inverter, but still powerful enough to do a good job. Introducing the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light.

There’s something about boon-docking in a remote wilderness and firing up this domestic appliance that just makes me happy.

Maybe too happy.

What do you think, Lucy?

7 thoughts on “Taking Stock: Lessons from Lucy

  1. I DO think you could probably do enough “smelting” to make a smaller version of your 23D. Hope your 8,000 mile loop comes near us at some point!

  2. Awesome. LOVE the organization and am excited for new photos and posts! Where to this time?? And, what is your email? Keep meaning to fwd you my dad’s amateur radio geek-fest email!

  3. You don’t mention the blond in the yellow dress.   Have you decided to add another kitchen feature??!?   LL

  4. ” When You Realize That there is nothing

    . . . lacking . . . The Whole World ! Belongs To You . ”

    Tao Te Ching

    Wishing You TruLy A Happy 4th of July !

    On The Road ? ! . . . Dan

    Wholesome Greetings , From Robert In BristoL


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