Day 9: Fire and Ice

61 miles
$0: Idledale, CO (moochdocking at brother Tim’s)

I hate to even mention this, out of respect for my East coast friends living in a sweat box, but I woke up to this temperature in the trailer.

Meanwhile, back home…

I got up early to make the drive (via Crystal City) to Tim’s place. I would get to see him for an hour or two before he left on a trip.

First, I had to get a 23-foot Airstream up his zig-zagging steep driveway. Back in and have an easy exit, or pull in to delay the pain?

Reverse was useless on the steep grade. Even locking it in 1st gear, I really wish Touaregs still had 4×4-LOW. Voila.

I’ll worry about my exit later.

I said my goodbyes to Tim (the view’s not bad)…

… and started to organize my thoughts about the next week’s travel, with the benefit of a good cell signal.

I also tackled some projects around his house. To earn my keep.

After my chores were done, this seemed like an ideal deck for a Solo fire pit and an adult beverage. Do you agree?

It’s even nicer after dark.

One more night here, and then on to___________. TBD

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