Day 10: Both ends of a rainbow

O miles
$0: Idledale, CO (moochdocking at brother Tim’s)

Since there’s no way I’m gonna move the precariously-perched trailer until I’m leaving for good, I worked around Tim’s house today. Pondering my next travel move. It’s ~100 degrees in Grand Junction, CO and Moab, UT. And here, there’s…

But maybe it’s time to rip that Band-Aid off and hit the road. It’ll be hot for awhile, but there are more rainbows ahead.

4 thoughts on “Day 10: Both ends of a rainbow

  1. Temperature has fallen to 99 degrees in Grand Junction, and it’s 12% humidity. You can do it! And there are peaches there. Love the rainbows!

  2. That’s OK, Dan -it’s been that hot here too, but with higher humidity. The view alone seems worth it, and you seem well-prepared. Enjoy!

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