Day 11: This is not a race

164 miles
$48.24 Silt/Colorado River KOA

Very sad to leave brother Tim’s new digs, but Utah beckons.

I prep the trailer for the lower elevation’s heat by reinstalling my pre-cut Reflectix in the most heat-sinking windows. Closing the blinds isn’t enough.



I even have this stuff lining my closets, and another type on the underbelly under the front dinette around the spare tire.

I also have some for the roof fans, but they’re more useful when free to do their job.

Next, I backed down the figure-S driveway, trying to avoid the neighbor’s tent trailer, pickup truck, and a wood fence against the road, directly across the road.

So far, so good. Then up “Grapevine”. 10mph speed limit. (named for the little curly-cue at the end of grape vines?)

I-70 through the Rockies is stressful. Steep grades, construction, small cars speeding, big-rigs doing 35mph with flashers on. It takes a lot of concentration to maintain the right speed and in the right gear to spare the brakes a white-hot meltdown.

I thought I might get to Utah today, but I decided to take another breath. By noon, I had reached Silt, Colorado, and their KOA oasis. Full hookups (i.e. AC). Riverside sites. Propane refill. Pool. I’ll say it again – pool.

I’ve been boondocking for a long time. The siren-like call of a reasonably-priced campground with a pool and beautiful skies was too much to resist.

Silt (across I-70 from the campground) is adorable. A little Main Street has a nice Farm-to-Market store (Skip’s) and a decent car wash, so I gave Apollo 23′ a bath.

And a full tank of gas.

A special note to the Silt, CO “Kum and Go”: think about how your diesel pumps are set up. Does this proximity to regular gasoline seem like a good idea?

Usually, diesel is on one side, and the three grades of “regular” gas are grouped on the other.

But back to our story.

This is not a race. An adventure, yes. But not a race. Staying here puts me in “pole position” for a sunrise drive into Utah, taking my favorite (and infamous) back-way into Moab and Arches.

I don’t necessarily need to camp in the same camping spot my 19′ Airstream had its awning ripped off by a “monsoon”, but I’d like to get through the same area without an “incident“.

I think that’s a reasonable goal, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Day 11: This is not a race

  1. May your experiences in Utah be memorable for the right reasons this time. Really looking forward to your phenomenal photography in one of my favorite parts
    of the world. And thank you for enlightening me about Silt. I always thought of it as a wide spot in the road between Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs

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