Day 12 Preview: What would Dela do?

Before I drifted off to sleep last night, I looked ahead to Utah and had some thoughts. It’s hot. It’s probably crowded. I don’t want to get stuck without a camping spot. In a hot and crowded place.

What would Dela Street, Perry Mason’s secretary (today, wouldn’t she be called a paralegal?) do?

She’d pick up the phone and figure it out.

My first attempts at getting a reservation at Arches National Park’s “Devils Garden” campground a few weeks back were fruitless.

Maybe I could back-track. Let’s start at the CO National Monument. They have camping there. It’ll be hot, but the views will be great, and I’ll just do one night.

Bingo. Reserved.

I’ll tell Perry the good news.

Next I looked around Arches. Could I get into Devils Garden? Lots of options in my AllStay Camping app, but more than a day or two in that heat might be too much. More research.

Looking thru’s rolodex, I spot somehting – a spot on Saturday night!

I’ll spend the 2-day gap in the middle at the Moab KOA, soaking up the AC and pool, while exploring parks without the trailer in tow.

Problem solved. Thanks, Dela.

Well, look at the time. Gotta go to sleep.

One thought on “Day 12 Preview: What would Dela do?

  1. This is all brilliant, Dan. Great hiking along with those views on the Colorado National Monument. Give a holler if you want some Grand Junction recommendations.

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