Day 15: Arches – rainbow extra

So, after my last post, I drove deeper into Arches, and to Devils Garden Campground.

Truly, the Shangri-La of campgrounds. I felt younger with every step. Or maybe it was just really, really hot.

There’s even an arch just off the campground, in the amphitheater area.

The campground does feel like it’s on top of the world. 360 views of the park at many sites.

A few sites in particular seemed to jut into space, like a Frank Lloyd Wright home built into a mountainside.

There’s a different check in/check out culture in each campground. Back at Brainard Lake in Colorado (a cool place in the mountains), that time was 1pm. Folks left at 12:45. New ones occupied the site at 1:15.

Here, a half hour after check-in time (noon), even though every post had a “reserved” sign, the campground was virtually empty. And very hot.

Since I couldn’t go for a hike with my broken toe, I waited out the heat inside the trailer.

Between 5pm and dusk, the campground filled up.

By 7pm, I heard rumbles of thunder, and it had started to rain.

You see the drops of water falling. The sun is on the trailer. Maybe I should turn around, because…


Rainbow jackpot.

As I look at this photo, I realize that the RV at the end of the rainbow is… wait for it… a Coachman Lephrecaun.

I’ve been seeing a lot of these today, and now I know why. Their pot ‘o gold is in Devils Garden Campground.

Wasn’t I just saying something in the Day 10 post about “more rainbows ahead”?

And the sunset isn’t bad, either.

I end the day with my ubiquitous 360-degree starry night shot. I could stare at this for a long time. And I do.

3 thoughts on “Day 15: Arches – rainbow extra

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these astounding photographs and memorable experiences. May you feel better quickly.

  2. Just when I think the pictures can’t get any better… they DO!! The rainbow(s) are amazing. It’s thrilling to be able to see you enjoying every view…every sunrise, sunset, star. Thank you.

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