Day 19

185 miles
$49: Lake Del Valle Family Campground (Livermore, CA)

185 miles is not very far to drive, so I have the whole morning to play with the kayak at Tenaya Lake. At dawn.

Tuolumne Meadows is glowing.

The water is crystal clear, but surprisingly warm. The outside temp is in the mid 30s. A misty fog rises from the shady side of the lake.

This time, Hug E. Pillow joins me on the lake.

Look at how clear the water is.

It’s all downhill from here. Literally. On the drive out on Highway 120, I go from 8,600 feet in elevation to 10 (near Manteca).

But even the drive down is beautiful, looking back.

I head over Altamont Pass. The oncoming traffic, leaving the Bay Area is backed up the whole length. Good to be heading West at 5pm.

Del Valle is part of the East Bay Regional Park District. Seems like there’s a lot more paperwork to camp and kayak than there was when I was a kid staying here with mom, dad, Tim, and the tent trailer.

Then (June, 1980)

I drove around and found the same spot today today.

Tomorrow – morning kayak on the lake, then Alameda to visit with friends and family.

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