Day 20: Turf ‘n Surf

0 Miles
$49: Lake Del Valle Family Campground (Livermore, CA)

Let’s start with the turf.

After all that paperwork, I’d better put the kayak into Lake Del Valle.

Wild turkeys roam. Cows are silhouetted at the top of the rolling hills. Dads take their kids fishing.

The lake is longer than I thought, but I get to the dam.

And now the surf.

After visiting with my aunt and uncle in Alameda, I crossed the island to see a good high school friend. We had a little time, the sun had come out, and I asked if she wouldn’t mind if I put the kayak in for a little bit.

So, with a clear view of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, I set out (in a sheltered bay).

I didn’t go out very far, but enough to know I want to come back and do it again. Could I kayak to Alcatraz? Under the Bay Bridge? How strong are the tides? I’ll ponder these things during my 26 Nutcracker performances with the Pennsylvania Ballet in December.

Thank you for indulging me, Christy. It’s not often I just happen to have a sea-worthy kayak strapped to the top of my car, combined with this level of epic natural and man-made beauty. Delaware’s Lums Pond just won’t cut it anymore.

But, I must head back to Del Valle. The campground goes on lock-down at 10pm.

One thought on “Day 20: Turf ‘n Surf

  1. It was wonderful to visit with you and I’m so glad you got the kayak in the Bay with San Francisco in the distance. I still enjoy walking a few blocks to the Bay to see the city and Bay Bridge.

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