Day 21: North

300 miles
$35: Hidden Springs Campground (Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA)

There is no more West. So I head North.

I headed out of Livermore at 6am. But not before a pilgrimage to the Donut Wheel. It still smells like maple bars and drip coffee.

Nothing has changed. There’s even a table of senior “regulars” discussing their high blood pressure numbers.

Into the fray of commuter traffic. Well, in the Bay Area, there’s always commuter traffic. But it wasn’t soo bad. A lot of Hondas and Teslas jockeying for pole position. Darting in an out of big rigs. And VWs towing Airstreams.

I expected to be in stop ‘n go traffic, but I don’t think I ever slowed below 40mph in the six hours I drove. It was Friday morning, but I must have been going the right direction, on the right roads.

I headed around the Bay Area, counter-clockwise, ending on a narrow strip of one-lane road (37) that crowns the top of the San Pablo Bay West of Vallejo, linking with Highway 101.

As I drove along the shore, I thought I saw Tippy Hedrin making her way across in a little boat. I wonder where she’s going?

Knowing how tight campgrounds in the area can get on a Friday, I stopped earlier than usual, before 101 hits the coast. At Hidden Springs, I got the last spot long enough for my trailer (they have a 24-foot max).

Time for a nap and some slow-speed (1 bar of LTE if I stand in the right spot) blogging, I need an early start tomorrow to have any chance at a camping spot on the Oregon coast.

3 thoughts on “Day 21: North

  1. Morning, Dan! Enjoying the latest tour. Since you can’t make ****** tonight, try Alfred Loeb SP. 8 miles up the Chetco River on the south side of Brookings. No reservations, all sites have electric and water. On the river. $24/night. In a myrtlewood grove with a redwood grove and trail nearby. Dump station at the rest area across from the Harris Beach SP entrance road. ****** will be full – hot weather in the Valley drives Oregonians to the cold and fog. Safe travels!

    1. Thanks for the tip. (I blanked out the name of the park in your comment – it’s the one Park I won’t reveal in the blog. It’s busy enough) I made a reservation at the Waldport KOA for the night, and will make the rounds at the unmentionable park at 8am Sunday morning. Worst case, I can Harvest Host in Tillamook, or go to the state park there.

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