Day 22: Oregon

350 miles
$60.88: Waldport/Newport KOA (Waldport, OR)

Another pre-dawn start up California highway 101. No traffic on the road, but keeping an eye out for deer.

Breakfast at a scenic pullout.

Pancakes with fresh cut strawberries from a fruit stand near Escalon, CA.

There is no shortage of scenic pullouts on 101. They’re a little harder to get to heading north, since they’re all on the ocean side.

I stopped into my top-secret coast campground to ask when the “witching hour” is to get a spot tomorrow morning: 9-11am.

In the meantime, I’m at a KOA in Waldport. There are scenic spots with spectacular views.

Mine is not one of them.

I didn’t unhook – aimed out for my 9am date with ocean-view possibilities.

But there is an ice-cream event at 7:30 with $1 scoops. I’ll be there.

But not before I fix my fridge’s broken door bin. This time, on the other side than I super-glued last time. Apparently Airstream expects you to load that big lowest shelf down with marshmallow Peeps and bags of potato chips – not milk and orange juice.

PS: Campground Wi-Fi is a myth. Do not count on it. This is the best you can expect.

If you subscribe to this blog, and got a post full of blank photos, now you know why.

2 thoughts on “Day 22: Oregon

  1. No pictures last night, but they came through this morning, Dan. Looking forward to the top-secret photographs.

  2. I thought you sent it out without photos on purpose! I thought, “So clever! Illustrating your closing statement statement all the way through!”

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