Day 23: Bonanza

X miles
$26: Top Secret Oregon Coast Campground*

My plan worked. Arriving at the TSOCC at 8:45 allowed me to squeeze into one of my favorite walk-up sites.

And I do mean squeeze. It’s 25 feet long (I’m 23′). You need to parallel park into it. Backwards.

Parking in center city Philadelphia for so long is about to pay off.

I used every inch.

But it is a very unique spot. From there, you’re 10 feet from the steps down to the beach. You can watch the tide come and go.

I went into town for some groceries.

When I turned down the street for the market, I also saw a sign for a cosplay event. Are they connected in some way to the meat bonanza? So many questions.

*If I told you where it was, I’d have to kill you.