Day 24: Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit

Say that three times fast.

$26: Top Secret Oregon Coast Campground

I’d love to launch the kayak from Depoe Bay (the world’s smallest navigable harbor) at a high tide, but that seems complicated, and I still need an Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit.

And they don’t sell those in Depoe Bay. They do in Newport, at the Walmart. $7 and an ID is all it takes. No inspection – altho I pulled over to be inspected at the border. I could have piranhas, barnacles, and nuclear waste clinging to the hull of my kayak.

It so happens, I don’t, but..

In fact, while I was in Newport, I power-washed the car and kayak at a carwash.

Walport’s Bay is more my speed.

The seals are more like salt-water prairie dogs. Poking their heads up from the water to take a look. Popping down below the surface when they think they’re spotted. Up to 30 of them surround me as I make my way out and back under the bridge.

And what a beautiful bridge it is. Like most in Oregon along 101.