In search of: the lost bigfoot kayak car-topping footage

Many of you of a certain age may remember the late-1970s TV series In Search Of, hosted by Leonard Nemoy. As a kid, it was both scary, and fascinating.

One of the more memorable episodes was about Sasquatch.

A giant hairy creature. Part ape, part man – Indians call him Sasquatch. They believe he is as gentle as he is powerful and mysterious. He’s been seen many times in the rugged mountains and deep woods of the Pacific Northwest. The encounters have not always been peaceful…

We’ve all seen this blurry footage in the riverbed.

Recently, additional unaired photos from the archives have come to light, continuing where this clip left off.

It may explain his ability to elude researchers and hunters alike.

In these photos, taken by a resident of Winlock, Washington, you see the beast car-topping a Hobie Mirage Outback kayak on the roof of a Volkswagen Touareg.

In the first photo, he struggles with the 90-pound weight. His walnut-sized brain appears to have achieved a rudimentary understanding of the concepts of the fulcrum, and levers.

Photo credit: Carol McDougall

After uttering a series of unintelligible grunts, the ape-like creature then shimmies the craft fully onto the roof rack.

Photo credit: Carol McDougall

Even more surprisingly, this “missing link” takes care as to not scratch or dent the vehicle, with foam pads and a soft blanket. 

Photo credit: Carol McDougall

These are the last known photos. But does the story end there?

“If we assume that Bigfoot is real, and that man is closing in on this seemingly gentle monster, then we must prepare for that first meeting. To have eluded us for so long, Bigfoot must understand men very well. The burden will be on us to understand him. Bigfoot may well be waiting for some sign, that we’re ready.”

Will that first meeting be on a kayak?

Photo credit: Glenn Finnan